Break-fix, Roaming Team, Backfill Support

Desktop Solution is an area providing assistance in troubleshooting on desktop support from hardware, software and network resources. We delegate desktop engineers for break-fix concerning hardware problems, roaming team to attend to client for urgent requirement and backfill for support coverage during operations shortage.



Break-fix refers is a fee-for-service method of providing information technology repairs to businesses, in which a customer calls up a service provider to do an upgrade of a computer program, software product, computer, or a repair computer-related like a printer or drive array that is faulty, the IT provider offers a solution or repair, and bills the customer for the break-fix service done. Break-fix can be designed for managed services which is basically a service plan, where the customer pays a regular fixed amount for all general maintenance and only pays for extraordinary or extreme repairs or unusual conditions. The equivalent practice in the consumer market is that of out-of-warranty appliances, where the customer can pay for repairs as needed or they can buy an extended warranty.

Roaming Team

The roaming team enables us to extend urgent requirements to attend clients’ need where it can be to fix a computer technical problem or to provide technical or non-technical assistance to ensure business continuity. Such service would come in handy when the usual stream of support lines are busy or engaged, and roaming team would come in to render services for such situation.


To provide reserve support for a given department or a team while there is a shortage in the operations. This is to avoid disruption of production for a service let it be in a helpdesk, call centre, onsite support, data entry or manning any task to fulfil daily operations need.

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